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Art has always been my passion, my pleasure, my life. I have been painting since I was very young. Over the years I have explored many different art mediums. Recently I have been exploring ink on canvas. The starkness of the black ink as it moves across the canvas, the bright colors that bring the negative spaces to life. These paintings are an explosion of trust, surrender and a reflection of tuning in to the self.

Silk has been a very different canvas for me. Delicate, soft, flowing with no hard edges. Dyes that quickly absorb, spread and morph into the fibers, becoming what they desire to be. Wearable art that brings something special to any outfit.

It has been a true joy taking these creative journeys and I am excited to share this work with you. For the holidays, please take $15 off your order by using the discount code: SAVE15.

In gratitude, Rhonda Conry

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