About RJConry

I have always found art to be an expression of my self. It has evolved as I have, becoming simpler and yet somehow more complex each year.
Most of my artwork reflects how I am feeling at the time. It keeps me present. During my art journey, I have had light, easy flowing times. And, at other times, more reflective, thoughtful, introspective times exploring my inner world. The safest place for me to put this has always been my art.
I have found my art to be influenced by design, color, texture, form, and light, all which I have worked with extensively in my experience as a professional Creative Director/Designer.
Specifically, my ink paintings, which are highly graphic in nature, reflect a period of time when my kundalini yoga practice was in high gear. These paintings could not stop flowing at the time. Energy, spirit and the feminine are at the core of each of them.
Black ink = my flow of consciousness
Colored ink = my feelings and emotions weaving throughout
Positive and negative spaces = what is inside of me
Raw white canvas = my openness to the possibilities
My extensive yoga practice has also influenced a series of drawings of women in different reflective moods and positions. "She" is depicted in simple, playful, line art sketches, in bright colors which come out of the darkness. She is complex and real but also brings light with her written contemplative sayings. 
My landscapes capture the awe I feel as I encounter the natural world in which I live. The rich colors, the vast array of textures and shifting moody skies are what center me and remind me of my connection to the Mother and her nurturing beauty. 
More recently, I have been engrossed in exploring silk and other textiles. Hand-painting on silk is very different from other mediums. It is a joyful experience which is less precise and has truly allowed me to appreciate the unexpected. The dyes on silk are dynamic and translucent. The silk dyes are bright and blend and bleed. When I paint on silk, I feel a similar freedom to when I am throwing ink on canvas.  
Lately, I have found a process called eco-dying, which has completely captured my heart. Laborious in nature, there are many steps and days in between before a single bundle of love is revealed. The results are always a surprise, always something different and always makes me happy to patiently wait for. 
My art flows freely through me, and it is a beautiful release. I am fully in the process. I am unattached to the outcome. I am ready to share my work and put it out into the world for others to enjoy. I am enjoying the journey.