About The Artist

I have always found art to be an expression of my self.
It has evolved as I have, becoming simpler and yet somehow more complex each year.

Most of my work is how I feel at the time. It keeps me present.
During my evolution, I have had light, easy flowing times. And, at other times, more reflective, thoughtful, introspective times exploring inner worlds and facing personal demons.

The safest place for me to place all of this is in my art.

As a professional Graphic Artist for over 24 years, I have found my art to be influenced by design and the way I see my daily world. My current work is a reflection of my state of being and calls on those design roots.

Black ink = my flow of consciousness
Colored ink = my feelings and emotions weaving throughout
Positive and negative spaces = what is inside of me
Raw white canvas = my openness to what is

My art flows freely through me, and it is a beautiful release. For the first time, I am unattached to the outcome. I am ready to share my work and put it out into the world for others to enjoy. 


Topanga, California | rjconry@me.com | 310.435.3340 | www.facebook.com/rjconry